Sanox has been appointed B2B distributor
and reseller of the Sputnik V vaccine


We distribute from

the Sputnik factory

in Seoul, S. Korea

We distribute to:

Private Companies

Large Pharma Distributors


Pharma Networks

Medical Insurance Companies

Private Hospitals


We are proud to announce that SANOX INTERNATIONAL LTD, has been appointed Global B2B Authorized Distributor of SPUTNIK V VACCINE (AD 5 & AD 26 DOSES).


SANOX INTERNATIONAL is now formally entitled to solicit clients and make offers to sell the vaccines to the Private Sector, including but not limited to, Health Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Drugs Distribution Companies, Private Foundations, Charitable Institutions, Investment Funds and Private Investors.


The Vaccines are produced at GL Rapha, SPUTNIK V Manufacturer and JV Partner in South Korea, under license of RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund). To guarantee the quality of the process, the warranty of the product will be transferred from the factory to the buyer directly and the vaccines will be provided by SPUTNIK V licensed factory, Ex-Works, in Seoul, South Korea, only.


AII buyers will require to take the necessary clearances in their home country of use, from their MoH (Ministry of Health) or competent Authority. The purchaser will take full responsibility of the transport of the goods to any destination outside of Ex-Works, Seoul, South Korea. SANOX INTERNATIONAL can assist in coordinating the logistics through its trusted logistics partners.


Sputnik V vaccine is composed of two doses, AD 26 and AD 5 which are delivered together. To find out more about the vaccine specifications, please link to

Updated technical data regarding Sputnik V vaccine is available at the following link:

Is Sanox a legally appointed distributor?

Yes, Sanox is a legally appointed distributor of the Korean manufacturer of Sputnik V Vaccine through GL Rapha official sales channel.

Is the factory authorized by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDFI)?

Yes, the S. Korean factory is a Joint Venture between GL Rapha and RDFI

Does Sanox deliver from the S. Korean factory?

Yes, the vaccines are delivered at GL Rapha Factory in Seoul, S. Korea.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?

We recommend to order not less than 100,000 vaccines.

Where are the vaccines manufactured?

In Seoul, South Korea, in the Sputnik Licensed Factory GL Rapha.

Can the S. Korean factory sell out of S. Korea?

Yes, the S. Korean factory has been set up mainly for export out of S. Korea.

How many vaccines can I buy?

As many as you need, subject to availability.

How many doses does a vaccine consist of?

A Sputnik V Vaccine is composed of two doses, AD 26 and AD 5.

To place an order or request additional information, please complete the form below.

We will contact you in due course.

Please, answer all questions allowing us to serve you better.

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