Is Sanox an officially appointed distributor?

Yes,  Sanox is a legally and officially appointed distributor of the Korean manufacturer of Sputnik V Vaccine through GL Rapha official sales channel.

Where are the vaccines manufactured?

In Seoul, South Korea, in the Sputik Licensed Factory GL Rapha.

Is the factory authorized by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDFI)?

Yes, the S. Korean factory is a Joint Venture between GL Rapha and RDFI.

Can the S. Korean factory sell out of S. Korea?

Yes, the S. Korean factory has been set up mainly for export out of S. Korea.

Does Sanox deliver from the S. Korean factory?

Sanox is a distributor of GL Rapha Factory.

How many vaccines can I buy?

As many as you need, subject to availability.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?

We recommend to order not less than 100,000 vaccines.

How many doses does a vaccine consist of?

A Sputnik V Vaccine is composed of two doses, AD26 and AD5.

Are the two doses delivered together?

Yes, GL Rapha delivers the two doses together.

Where are the vaccines delivered?

To guarantee the quality of the vaccines, they are delivered ex works at GL RAPHA factory in Seoul, S. Korea, only.

Who takes care of the logistics once the vaccines left the factory?

The Buyer must organize the transportation of the vaccines from the factory to its final destination.

Can SANOX assist with Logistics?

Sanox is not a logistics company; however, it can recommend international trustful and experienced logistics companies. Buyer must set the terms directly with the logistics company.

What are the transport and storage requirements for Sputnik V vaccines?

The vaccines are delivered in two forms: frozen at -18º Celsius or liquid at 2º to 8º Celsius.

How long will the vaccines remain valid under these conditions?

6 months in frozen and 2 months in liquid forms

Who bears the cost of the logistics from the delivery to the destination?

The Buyer will bear all transportation costs and associated expenses, like insurance, handling, import duties, etc.

How are payments made?

Buyer will deposit 50% of the total price in an independent escrow account.

Who is the Escrow Agent?

An independent licensed Escrow Agent. We use MONSAS, based in London, UK. (

What expenses does the escrow account entail?

The Buyer will be charged a one time fee of 0.9% of the amount deposited.

Is it an interest-bearing account?

The Escrow account is not a remunerated account.

What guarantee do I have to not to lose my money?

100% guarantee. The Escrow Agent will only release the funds to the Manufacturer once the vaccines are ready and certified by an independent inspector to the full satisfaction of the Buyer.

Who bears the cost of the independent inspector?

The Buyer bears the cost of the independent inspector.

Am I obliged to hire an independent inspector?

The Buyer has the right to appoint an independent inspector but it is not an obligation.

Can SANOX recommend and independent inspector?

If so requested, Sanox will recommend at least 3 independent international inspectors.

When is the final 50% paid?

The remaining 50% of the total price is paid by the Buyer after he approved the Report by the independent inspector and before the vaccines are loaded into the transportation vehicles ordered by the Buyer.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The delivery time is currently approximatley 90 days from the date the Buyer deposited the advance payment of 50% into the Escrow Account.

What document do I receive before making the first payment?

The Buyer will have executed the SPA (Sale and Purchase Agreement) as well as the Escrow Agreement to his entire satisfaction. The factory will confirm the terms of the SPA in relation to Quality, Quantity and Delivery Schedule.

What documentation do I provide to place an order?

Buyer must provide a LOI (Letter of Intent) in his corporate letterhead, along with a LOA (Letter of Authorization/Attestation) issued by the competent national authority, allowing the Buyer to purchase the Vaccines.

Do I have to provide proof of funds?

A POF (Proof of Funds) is not necessary to submit the LOI. It may be requested at a later stage as part of the Standard Due Diligence process.

Do I need an authorization to import the vaccines to the destination country?

The Buyer needs to arrange the necessary documents to import the vaccines in the country of destination within the period of approximately 90 days up to the delivery. Initially, the Buyer must provide a Letter from the competent authority of the country of destination, allowing him to purchase the vaccines.

If I am a public organization, can I buy the vaccines through SANOX?

A public organization can designate a private entity to purchase vaccines on their behalf by issuing a letter of authorization.

What commitment do I take by submitting a LOI

The LOI is a simple letter issued by a potential Buyer stating his interest to purchase a certain number of vaccines. It is not a binding document and does not create any obligation to the Buyer.

Can I communicate directly with the Escrow Agent?

Yes, after the LOI being approved by our Compliance Department, we shall facilitate the direct communication between the Buyer and the Independent Escrow Agent.

Can the vaccines be altered or manipulated before I receive them?

We deliver the vaccines directly from GL Rapha premises in Seoul, Korea to give 100% assurance that the vaccines are delivered to the highest standards of quality.

What document describes in detail the transaction?

The SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement) will contain all provision regulating the relationship between Buyer and Seller. It is a binding document for both Parties.

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